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Exploring Taxation

Navigating the myriad tax laws can be intimidating, but is a necessary part of any business. Our professionals are well acquainted with the intricacies of tax regulations to guide you through any potential minefield so that you are on the right side of the law and warn you of any potential pitfalls.

Indirect taxes affect businesses in many ways: compliance, pricing, cash flows and profitability, to name a few. Thus, it is crucial for businesses to manage their exposure to indirect taxes and prevent unnecessary costs. Mistakes can be costly.

Clients turn to our Indirect Tax professionals to help them manage and mitigate their indirect tax risks.

In a seamless marketplace, businesses are having to do more with less and constantly innovating to stay relevant. Tax functions are facing more pressure to move in tandem with businesses to support strategic conversations. Whilst tax is not a boardroom agenda for all businesses, with the increase of global regulatory and compliance requirements, more businesses are reviewing their strategies to effectively manage their tax risks.

We adopt a holistic approach to making sure that you have the right people, supported with a robust tax infrastructure, which includes policies and tools to effectively manage your tax risk. This helps develop sustainable solutions to enhance your tax function’s agility in meeting the ever-changing demands of the business in real-time.

Transfer pricing (TP) is a term used to describe inter-company pricing arrangements relating to transactions between related entities. These can include transfers of intellectual property, tangible goods, services, and loans or other financing transactions.

Such inter-company transactions, domestically and across borders, are growing rapidly and are becoming much more complex. Compliance with the differing requirements of multiple overlapping tax jurisdictions is a complicated and time-consuming task.

At the same time, tax authorities both local and regional, are imposing stricter penalties, mandatory documentation requirements, increased information exchange and carrying out intensive audits. In Malaysia, increased compliance obligations mean companies need to keep abreast with Transfer Pricing developments.

Krishnan Dorairaju
Tax Partner

Krishnan Dorairaju

Krishnan is a licensed tax agent approved by MOF and is a member of Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA), Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia (CTIM), and Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). He also holds a LLB (Hons) from University of London and a MBA from Cardiff Metropolitan University. He has extensive experience in providing tax compliance and advisory services to clients across a range of industries such as property development, manufacturing, plantation and trading. He has served in the Big Four as well as medium size tax firms with experience encompassing direct and indirect tax compliance and advisory matters including on M&A, restructuring, withholding tax, incentive application, stamp duty and real property gains tax. He also represents clients in discussion and negotiations with tax authorities as part of appeal, audit and investigation or dispute resolution process. He regularly speaks at public and in-house seminars and trainings on direct and indirect tax topics.

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