Running a company requires a vast array of skill sets that can be hard to mobilise and manage. We offer corporate solutions to suit businesses of all sizes and budgets so that they can concentrate on the things that matter – their bottom-line. From organising payroll to managing staff to higher order corporate work, we work with clients to ensure they can maximise their resources with the minimum of hassle. We at Vaersa see our relationship with clients not just as a commercial transaction, but also as a mutually beneficial partnership to be nurtured for the long-term. For this reason, clients can be assured of our integrity, competence and discretion as we partner them for their future success.

Exploring Corporate Solutions

Our services cover all CFO and finance function competencies, from finance function target operating model and methodological framework development to process optimization and implementation of changes into company’s practices.

No matter your industry or niche, we will help you organise, manage and keep track of the talent in your company so that you can maximise your human capital. Vaersa’s professionals will help you tackle complex human resource issues and manage the wide range of personalities that you employ so that everyone is focused on the core mission – being the best that you can be.

Workers who are paid a fair wage, on time and  according to there are happy ones. We offer solutions for you to manage and keep track of your staff’s emoluments in a sustainable and responsible manner that keeps your workforce feeling rewarded and your bottom line in the black.

When you need a team of professionals to keep house in a efficient and orderly manner so that you can concentrate on your core business, Vaersa is the provider to turn to. Our solutions give you peace of mind, and saves you time from the mundane day-to-day administrative matters, as you devote your energies to maximising your potential.

Ramnath R Sundaram
Corporate Services Partner

Ramnath R Sundaram

Ramnath qualified as a Chartered Accountant and began his career in Deloitte within the audit division concentrating on financial institutions before broadening his horizon in the sovereign and financial institution rating sphere with RAM Ratings.

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