Growing your business in a competitive landscape can be daunting, but a little help can go a long way in ensuring you future success. Vaersa’s dedicated professionals see business over a longer-term horizon as we help turn your current strengths into entrenched values, and today’s shortcomings into opportunities for tomorrow. Our young and innovative team is not afraid to work with you to explore out-of-the-box ideas to give you that edge to race ahead of the pack yet are mindful of the need to ensure the long-term sustainability of your business. We believe creative and innovative thinking can mitigate risk and maximise gains in the long-run.

Sustainability Reporting

Investors often rely performance reports that a company provides before making a deciding to commit themselves to a new venture or partnership. And there are growing calls for company annual reports to include more information and analyses on social and environmental impacts, and not just the classic financial and shareholder issues. Vaersa can help you respond to this growing trend and add value to your reports by including operational, social and environmental activities and your company’s ability to deal with the risks that arise from your operations in coherent and accessible manner. By doing so, we can enhance your company’s public profile as a transparent and responsible corporate entity.

Exploring Advisory

At Vaersa, we deploy financial analytics and data-driven capabilities to increase the growth and profitability, reducing costs, improving efficiency, and bring digital transformations in traditional business model. Our analytics is comprised of professional team members to help clients across banking and payments, invoice, asset management, capital markets, and insurance.

When things do not go according to plan or have to go to court or arbitration, Vaersa has the capability, and more importantly, the integrity to sift through the mountain of documents  and figures to give and honest accounting of the situation. Our professionals have the experience, knowledge and dedication chase every lead, go down every paper trail and overcome any obstacle to get to the bottom of things.

Improvement often comes from within. We offer a fresh pair of eyes to scrutinise, evaluate and analyse your internal processes, operations, performance and governance. We will harness the full spectrum of our expertise to help you to identify areas to rectify weaknesses, tighten up operations, build on strengths and boost efficiency.

Fortune favours the brave, but stepping blindly into risk is recipe for disaster. Vaersa can help put method to the madness with our insightful analyses of the business ecosystem that you operate in so that you can minimise risk for maximum gain. In the long-term, we can also help you institutionalise and codify how you treat risk. Our professionals will also help you tread that fine line to report risk with transparency to meet regulatory requirements.

Growing a business requires action, and action requires choices. Vaersa will help you make those choices based on your long-term strategy of what you hope to achieve, the resources currently available to you and the business environment that you operate in. Going back to our pledge of helping you realise your fullest potential, our professionals don’t just formulate a strategy, but will work with you in the long-term to implement and adapt your strategy as you grow, and respond to future challenges.

Accurate valuations are essential to meet transparency, regulatory and accounting requirements. We harness the diverse skills, insights and experience of our professionals to help you determine the fair value of assets and liabilities so that you can enter transactions with confidence and peace of mind. Our professionals can also help you evaluate the outcomes of strategies through our sophisticated modelling methods. Taken together, we can help you determine the facts on the ground and what they mean to you in the future.

Puveneswaran KR Karuppiah
Advisory Partner

Puveneswaran KR Karuppiah

An accountant by training, Puven’s expertise lies in company valuations and mergers and acquisitions. In a career spanning 16 years, Puven’s breadth of experience spans the auditing of listed and non-listed entities. As Vaersa’s Managing Partner, Puven’s strength lies in his excellent client relationship management capabilities.

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Quincy Gan
Advisory Partner

Quincy Gan

Quincy holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA). Departing Deloitte as an Assistant Manager and joining Morison Anuarul Azizan Chew where he rapidly rose to Director level, Quincy brings to the table a wealth of knowledge on corporate governance and risk management.

Contact: 012 341 7998